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Buniv Voluntary Fire Brigade from Yavoriv Oblast has started its work

Thus, on December 30, in Bunev, Yavoriv Oblast, members of the volunteer fire brigade were presented with a certificate of completion of special training and training.

From now on, 12 local volunteers will be on guard to protect people’s lives and property, who will promptly respond to emergency situations and provide assistance to all those who need it. The volunteer fire brigade will serve the territories of Buniv and Kaliniv starostyn districts.

Also, we would like to note that the fire brigade of Bunev became the winner of the competition from the Polish government “Firefighters. Improvement of civil protection in Ukraine at the local level”, which is implemented by the International Solidarity Fund within the framework of the “U-LEAD with Europe” program and is co-financed by the Polish cooperation program for the development of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, as part of which it received combat clothing and fire-fighting equipment.

The expansion of volunteer fire departments brings the safety space much closer to the most remote villages, and the main thing in responding to emergency situations is responsiveness. After all, local volunteers are the first to arrive at the scene and become a shield between the fire and people until professional rescuers arrive.

The operation of a volunteer fire brigade is, first of all, an investment in safety, and as a result, human lives are saved and property saved from fire.

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