Листи до редакції

Lviv and the region have every chance to go through the next day without turning off the electricity

Russia is trying with all its might to leave Ukrainians without electricity on New Year’s Eve in order to steal the holiday and suppress our morale.

However, power engineers do their best to stabilize the situation in the power system and, accordingly, in every home.

This was reported in Lvivoblenergo

We ask Lviv residents, residents of the regions and our guests to use electricity as rationally as possible during the weekend. So that absolutely everyone could enjoy New Year’s Eve, because light for everyone is possible only with joint efforts

By the way, here are simple but effective ways to save energy:

1. Do not leave lighting in rooms where no one is

2. Do not leave the equipment in “Sleep Mode”.

3. Do not turn on two or more energy-consuming appliances at the same time

4. After the power supply is restored, turn on the power supply gradually – first the lighting, then the appliances with low power

5. Turn off appliances that are not urgently needed, such as a TV that no one is watching

And don’t forget to make a single and important wish for everyone — victory in 2023! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

Happy New Year!

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