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The Lviv engineer who repairs Starlink fixed the device on the roof of the car

Lviv engineer Oleg Kovalskyi, who repairs Starlink, installed the device on the roof of the car to check its operation while driving. He told about this in an interview with the NEGOTIATION project.

“We rode for several hours. I was driving 110 km/h and had a Starlink internet speed of 110 Mb/c,” said the engineer.

Oleg repeated the experiment several times, traveling 20–30 km from Lviv.

“It is best to ride Starlink on a car without a “leg”. So that he simply “looks” at the sky,” advises the specialist.

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Also, Kovalsky once drove around the city with the device. And when he was climbing a steep slope, he lost communication for 15-20 seconds.

“At that time, Starlink was not looking at the sky, but at an apartment building,” the engineer explained.

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