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The future military pilots became the godfathers of 16 children who lost their parents due to the war

Now these children live in one of the children’s institutions of the Lviv region.

The cadets of the aviation faculty of the Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv National University of the Air Force became godparents for 16 children from Luhansk and Donetsk regions who lost their parents due to the war. Now these children live in one of the children’s institutions of the Lviv region.

The other day, future military pilots visited their godfathers.

“We visited our 16 godfathers and godmothers, whom we pledged to take care of on the eve of the extremely difficult Easter of 2022. To our kids and their friends, smart and active, whom we missed a lot,” Oleksandr, a future military pilot, shares his emotions.

This is not the first visit of the cadets to the children. The boys come to the children’s institution at the first opportunity and often help, for example, clear the snow.

The cadets brought the children gifts, and the little ones did not let go of their godparents for a long time, playing games with them. By the way, the children were very interested in listening to the stories about the boys’ future profession and were happy to try on the pilots’ helmets. Children under the age of three became the godfathers of future pilots.

Military training, and especially flying, leaves very little free time. But the boys go to the children at the first opportunity.

“The cadets went to the children immediately after training: during the training, they showed excellent results! Mastering such a specialty during the war is difficult. But they are well done! And our sky will be under reliable protection,” the university says.

In farewell, the future pilots promised the children that they would come again soon, and most importantly, that our children would live under a peaceful sky.

“These guys are very responsible. Piloting planes in the peaceful sky is the meaning of their lives. They treat their duties as godparents equally responsibly. Before baptizing the baby, our cadets talked a lot about the meaning of this rite with the priests and prepared for it. We are certain that the children have excellent mentors,” the KhNUPS added.

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