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One of the largest rehabilitation centers in Europe will be built in Lviv

In Lviv, they announced a project to build the National Rehabilitation Center “UNBREAKABLE”, which will be implemented with the support of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. According to Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy, victims of Russia’s military aggression often need complex operations and long-term rehabilitation. Unfortunately, full-fledged rehabilitation is currently not available in Ukraine. Therefore, the construction of a new modern rehabilitation center in Lviv is extremely important for the whole country.

“Veronica turns 10 this month. The girl’s house in Donetsk region was fired upon from a tank. The Russian occupiers aimed at the basement where people were hiding. Only Veronica was rescued alive from the rubble. Her whole family died. The adults covered the girl to save her. But a fragment of the projectile hit her in the head. This paralyzed his arm.

Veronica is currently being treated at our children’s hospital. She underwent her first operation in Lviv and saved her eye. But the fragment still remains in my head – it is still impossible to remove it. The girl’s memory returns, she learns to walk and smile again.

There are now thousands of such stories. In most cases, the victims need complex operations and long rehabilitation. Currently, full-fledged rehabilitation is not available in Ukraine. That is why, with the support of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, we launched a project to build the National Rehabilitation Center “UNBREAKABLE”.

After all, each of these stories is a story of invincibility of Ukrainians. It’s about people who go through all the trials and are sure to be happy. At home, on my Ukrainian land, “said Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy.

Therefore, according to the mayor, the main goal of Lviv for the future is to build one of the largest rehabilitation centers in the city, which has no analogues. After all, now more than 1,000 people who suffered from the war with various injuries are being treated in Lviv medical institutions. Therefore, there is a great demand for comprehensive rehabilitation care. In cooperation with foreign clinics, the wounded are now being sent abroad for treatment from Lviv. But these resources are also limited.

“On June 10, we will hold a donors’ conference together with the Ministry of Health and donors who are ready to help with the construction of a modern rehabilitation center,” the Lviv mayor added.

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