Листи до редакції

In Velyki Mosty, border guards introduced young people to their profession

In the Lviv region, border guards introduced young people to the Border Guard Service, as military and patriotic education is an integral part of our agency’s activities.

Recently, students of the Chervonohrad Lyceum visited the military to learn how four-legged border guards are trained and to get acquainted with the intricacies of military service.

From the first minute, the four-legged border guards’ assistants made a great impression on the children, who watched the training with interest and actively supported them with applause for their good results.

Everyone had the opportunity to play with their four-legged friends and try themselves as a dog handler.

The young patriots also had the opportunity to learn how to shoot in an interactive shooting range and showed quite good results.

At the end of the visit, the border guards treated the children to freshly baked buns from their own bakery.

Everyone left the center with good emotions and smiles on their faces and thanked the border guards for the warm welcome.

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