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In Zahidny Buza below the mouth of the Poltva River – one of the lowest water quality

Current information on the quality of surface waters of the basins of the Western Bug and Syan rivers

In September, the water resources management of the Western Bug and Syan rivers carried out regular monitoring of surface water quality within the Ukrainian part of the Vistula river basin.

Monitoring was carried out at 23 approved observation points, namely at 17 sites of the Western Bug sub-basin and 6 within the boundaries of the Xiangu sub-basin.

Water quality analyzes included the determination of physicochemical and chemical indicators of water quality (including the content of organic and biogenic substances, pesticides, heavy metals, polyaromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons, alkylphenols, trichlorobenzenes, medicines).

The lowest water quality was found:

▶️ – in the Poltva River – by the content of dissolved oxygen, organic, biogenic substances, SPAR, pesticides;
▶️ – in the Western Bug River below the mouth of the Poltva River – by the content of organic and biogenic substances;
▶️ – in Zahidny Bug river near the village of The property of the Sokal City Council – according to the content of pesticides;
▶️ – in the Malekhivka River (Malekhiv village), the Marunka River (below the city of Vynniki) and the Svynya River (below the city of Zhovkva) – according to the content of organic and biogenic substances.

Compared to the previous reporting period (August 2023), water quality improved in the Rata River, Moshchanka River, Bleh River, Kiysky Stream and in the Zahidnyi Bug River in the section of Kamyanka-Buzka – village Old Dobrotvir. During this period, the quality of water in the Svinya River, Zavadivka River, as well as in the Zahidny Bug River at the monitoring points “Sokal”, “Litovezh” and “Zabuzzhya” has deteriorated.

The best water quality was observed in the Vyar (Vyhor) river.

As noted by T.V.O. department director Oksana Viytyk, surface water monitoring is an important tool for ensuring the sustainable use and protection of water resources, preserving the natural environment, ensuring the safety of citizens, as well as for studying the impact of climate change on the hydrological cycle.

We note that all the results of measurements of monitoring points of surface water masses are made public in the “Monitoring and ecological assessment of water resources of Ukraine” system on the website of the State Water Agency of Ukraine at the link: http://monitoring.davr.gov.ua/.

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