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The Lviv Philharmonic Orchestra will perform ten concerts in Germany as part of a tour

The tour is supported by the Lviv Regional Military Administration and the Lviv Regional Council in cooperation with the OPEN MUSIC PROJECT.

On November 7, the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Lviv National Philharmonic began a two-week tour in Berlin.

The tour will include 10 concerts in various German cities: Friedrichshafen, Ravensburg, Weilheim, etc.

“We came to say that Ukraine has its own culture. It is very important that we will perform a lot of Ukrainian music on this tour. Works by Borys Lyatoshynskyi, Myroslav Skoryk and, of course, world classics will be performed. We hope that in this tour the German public will learn even more about Ukraine and its rich musical art,” said Volodymyr Sivohip, director general of the Philharmonic and conductor.

During the performances, the first touring, premiere performance of Vasyl Barvinskyi’s Piano Concerto will take place, where the famous Ukrainian violinist Violina Petrychenko will perform as a soloist.

“I had the honor of performing Barwinski’s Piano Concerto with Orchestra, a concert that was lost for a long time, like many other works of Barwinski, and only in 1993 this concerto was found in distant Buenos Aires. We have a very important mission – to play this concert not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe,” said Violina Petrychenko.


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