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In Lviv, on the anniversary of Shukhevych’s death, a game of turf will be held around the museum in Bilohirsh, which was destroyed by Russian chessmen

On March 2, Lviv will host a large field game dedicated to the anniversary of the death of Roman Shukhevych, commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. The event is organized by the Education Department of the Lviv City Council in cooperation with the national scouting organization Plast.

“About 200 students from our schools will take part in the field game. We encourage everyone to actively participate in the event,” announced Andriy Zakalyuk, Head of the Education Department of Lviv City Council.

The war game is a special type of scouting activity. It is a role-playing or scenario game that takes place in the open air according to clear rules. All games correspond to the camp’s legend and the specific theme of the day they are held.

As a reminder, Roman Shukhevych, the main commander of the UPA, died on March 5, 1950, in Bila Horsha. The house where Roman Shukhevych lived and where his last battle took place was later turned into a museum.

On January 1, 2024, Russian chessmen hit two national memory sites in Lviv: the University in Dubliany, where Stepan Bandera studied 100 years ago, and the Roman Shukhevych Museum in Bilohirsh.

By the end of the month, the Lviv City Council is also expected to announce an architectural competition for the restoration of the museum. Experts insist that the facility should combine both authentic and modern elements.

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