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Man dies in hospital in Brody due to refusal of doctors to provide medical assistance

Поліція перевіряє обставини смерті чоловіка у лікарні на Львівщині

The Brody Central City Hospital is conducting an investigation into the death of a 73-year-old local resident who was hospitalised with pneumonia on Monday.

This is reported by Varta with reference to LVIV.MEDIA.

On 19 February, an elderly man died in a hospital in Brody. The man was suffocating, but did not receive help from doctors.

“He was brought in in a serious condition, he was lying on the floor, but no one did anything until he ‘collapsed’. Then the man was put on a bed, where he died,” the statement said.

The police clarified that the 73-year-old local resident was indeed hospitalised on 19 February at around 10:00 a.m. with a diagnosis of chronic pneumonia. The man stayed in the hospital until the evening and died around 22:00. Law enforcement officers are currently conducting an inspection at the hospital, and medical staff are also conducting an internal investigation.

The therapeutic department of Brody hospital refused to talk to journalists.

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