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Over 100 hectares of water fund land to be returned to Pustomyty community

The Commercial Court of Lviv Region upheld two claims filed by the Pustomyty District Prosecutor’s Office against a business entity. The court rulings cancelled the land lease agreements and ordered the land to be returned to the community.

We are talking about three land plots with a total area of 116 hectares located in the Vereshchytsia riverbed. The latter are located on the territory of the Velykolyubinsk territorial community.

It is established that in 2004, private entrepreneurs leased a water body for fishing activities. At the same time, a minimum rent was set for the tenants, since the need to develop the region and create a fishery water body on the said lands was taken into account.

However, the entrepreneurs did not properly fulfil the terms of the lease agreement. In particular, for the last three years, the tenants have not paid rent to the community budget for the water fund lands. As a result, the local budget did not receive a significant amount of money.

In addition, for almost 20 years, the tenants have not conducted any economic activity to establish a fish farm on the land. As a result, uncontrolled waterlogging and soil flooding, as well as uncontrolled afforestation and spontaneous littering of the leased areas have been recorded on these lands.

In response to the violations, the prosecutor’s office defended the interests of the state and filed a lawsuit.

The court agreed with the prosecutor’s arguments and satisfied the claims in full.

The land lease agreements have now been terminated and the land has been returned.

Information policy department

Lviv Regional Prosecutor’s Office

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