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In the Lviv region, 23 people have been injured and two people have died in road accidents caused by bus drivers in four months

Our road safety patrols carry out increased control over freight and passenger traffic.

This was reported by the Patrol Police of the Lviv region.

In just three days, they processed more than fifty administrative materials.

To recap: Lviv continues to fine bus drivers for traffic violations based on videos from social media

By the way, in the first four months of this year, 7 accidents with victims were recorded due to the fault of bus drivers, in which 23 people were injured and two people died.

We emphasise to carriers that citizens entrust you with their lives, so compliance with the rules is mandatory.

To recap.

On 6 April, we wrote that in Lviv, two buses simultaneously violated traffic rules and ran a red traffic light: recently, a video was posted on one of the social networks where two public transport drivers ignored the red traffic signal and drove through a regulated pedestrian crossing.

On 2 March, in Lviv, a bus driver ignored a red traffic light: A public transport driver who did not wait for the traffic light to change at the intersection of Horodotska and Narodna streets and drove through the prohibited signal. Inspectors stopped the 55-year-old offender.

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