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In Zolochiv district, a tenant used hayfields as arable land

The Commercial Court upheld the claim of the Zolochiv District Prosecutor’s Office against the company. The court ruled to recover the rent, terminate the land lease agreement and order the company to return the land to the local community.


It is a land plot of 22 hectares. It is located within the Zolochiv territorial community.

It was established that in 2015, the company acquired the right to lease an agricultural land plot at an auction. The type of land is pasture, which, compared to other land, has a minimum appraised value and corresponding lease payments.

However, in the course of his farming activities, the defendant subsequently evaded paying the rent for the use of the land for more than a year. Moreover, the business entity, without the approval of the city council, subleased the land to a company. The latter illegally ploughed the land and used it for growing legumes.

In such circumstances, the court agreed with the prosecutor’s arguments that there were grounds to satisfy the claim in the interests of the state.

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Lviv Regional Prosecutor’s Office

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