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The former head of one of the village councils of the Stryi region was convicted of embezzlement of budget funds

The former head of one of the village councils of the Stryi Oblast was found guilty of embezzling someone else’s property by abusing his official position (parts 2, 3 of Article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) following a public indictment by the Stryi District Prosecutor’s Office.

He was sentenced to imprisonment for 3 years and 3 months. He is also deprived of the right to hold certain positions and engage in certain activities for a period of 3 years.

It was established that the accused, being an official, signed and issued orders with which he rewarded himself. We are talking about “surcharges” to wages for the period January-November 2018.

As a result of such actions, budget funds were spent and damage to the territorial community was caused to the amount of almost UAH 100,000.

Also, within the framework of the criminal proceedings, the prosecutor’s civil claim for reimbursement of the above-mentioned amount in favor of the local self-government body was satisfied.

Department of Information Policy

Lviv Regional Prosecutor’s Office

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