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In Lviv, patrol officers detained a suspected murderer

On July 30, at around 11 p.m., patrol officers discovered a traffic violation at the intersection of Pasichna — Lychakivska streets. The driver was stopped and an administrative offense case was investigated.

Suddenly, platoon commander Taras Levitskyi heard strange sounds in the yard of one of the houses. As he got closer, he realized that there was a fight. The policeman immediately called his colleagues.

Running to the scene of the fight, they saw two people covered in blood fighting on the ground. Two more men tried to separate them.

One of them reported that the participant in the fight had a knife and had already struck another participant with it. The police immediately stretched them out. The alleged perpetrator was detained and medics were called. The commander quickly ran for the first aid kit to provide first aid.

On his way to the squad car, he saw an ambulance driving by. After stopping the medics, he led them to the victim. Unfortunately, the 33-year-old man could not be saved.

Movement of all event participants was restricted. An investigative team, experts, a lawyer and a translator were called to the scene of the incident, because all the previously mentioned persons are foreigners living in Lviv.

A 48-year-old man was detained in accordance with Art. 208 (Detention by an authorized person) of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine. He faces liability under Part 1 of Art. 115 (Murder) of the Criminal Code.

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