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In Lviv, the driver of an electric scooter hit two pedestrians. Video

A video of an accident involving a scooter in which two pedestrians were injured was captured by the video cameras of the city’s Security Center.

The video was published on the page of the Security Department of the Lviv City Council.

The sequence of actions in the provision of first aid to victims of a fall by non-medical workers:

1) make sure there is no danger;

2) call an emergency (ambulance) medical team;

3) fix the cervical part of the spine with the help of a cervical collar or hands;

4) conduct an examination of the victim, determine the presence of consciousness, breathing;

5) if the victim is not breathing, start cardiopulmonary resuscitation;

6) if the victim is conscious and there are no external injuries, clarify his main complaints and the height of the fall;

7) if there is no danger, leave the victim in the previous position until the emergency (ambulance) medical team arrives;

if the victim has intense external bleeding, stop it, while avoiding unnecessary movements and minimizing the movement of the victim;

9) in the absence of consciousness and preserved breathing in the victim, maintain the patency of the respiratory tract, fix the cervical spine;

10) if the victim is lying on his stomach, unconscious and suspected of not breathing, fix the cervical spine and move the victim to his back;

11) carry out the movement of the victim with the help of the persons present;

12) ensure constant supervision of the victim until the arrival of the emergency (ambulance) medical assistance team;

13) if the victim’s condition worsens, call the emergency medical dispatcher again before the emergency (ambulance) medical team arrives.

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