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Residents of the region and all those who have found shelter here are stressed the importance of separate collection of household waste

The issue of household waste management in the modern world has always been a big problem. Today the situation is especially aggravated, because military actions on the territory of our state only increase the amount of garbage and sometimes make it impossible to dispose of it.

This is noted in the Department of Fuel and Energy Complex, Energy Efficiency and Housing and Communal Services of Lviv OVA.

The relocation of a significant number of people from combat zones to the communities of Lviv region leads to an increase in household waste in the region. According to statistics, every inhabitant of a big city throws away about 300 kg of solid household waste in their household every year.

In the Lviv region, a modern model of solid waste management has been created and implemented, namely the introduction of separate collection of solid waste at the place of their generation, ie directly by the population for further processing by relevant enterprises.

Separate collection of certain types (components) of solid waste ensures the receipt of relatively clean secondary resources from the population and reduce the amount of waste exported to landfills. Such a system requires a conscious approach from the population to the disposal of solid waste.

How should the residents of the region deal with garbage?

• Sort and dispose of organic matter in separate containers without plastic and plastic bags. In the natural environment, polyethylene decomposes over 200 years, and plastic 450, and at composting stations from organic will make good compost;

• Sort and recycle long-decomposing waste;

• Clothing, toys and food can be donated to charity in need;

• Use old natural fabrics of green shades for weaving camouflage nets;

• Glass, foam can be added to the “Bandera strip”;

• Give banners, rugs, carpets, old blankets to insulate bomb shelters.

Therefore, the department once again emphasizes the need to strictly adhere to the rules of garbage management, landscaping and environmental legislation, as their violation is not only harmful to health and the environment, but also punishable by law.

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