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5 emergency bridges will be repaired on the T-14-25 “Skole-Slavske” highway

On the T-14-25 “Skole-Slavske” highway, the Avtomagistral-Pivden company will repair 5 emergency bridges.

The first two are currently in operation. The works are planned in such a way as to save budget funds as much as possible. Only structures that cannot be restored are replaced.

The Voice of Sokal Region was informed about this by the company Automagistral-South

In particular, on the first bridge, the old supports and cabinet walls are dismantled, but half of the beams are reused. At the second facility, the supports are strengthened by shotcrete (applying a concrete mixture to the surface of the reinforced concrete structure).

That is, in each case there is an optimal solution. But it is impossible to delay the repair, the closure of the Skole-Slavske highway will create huge logistical problems for the region.

Repair work on the highway was planned to begin even before the war as part of the “Small Carpathian Circle” infrastructure project.

It was assumed that the project would unite the resort and tourist centers of the three regions. In the Lviv region, these are Slavske, Rozhanka (Upper and Lower), Skole and Plai.

It was planned that all the roads of the “Small Carpathian Circle” will have bicycle lanes, high-quality lighting, and observation decks.

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