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Eurorail from Mostysk to Lviv may cost 1.8 billion hryvnias

According to the first calculations, the construction project of the 1,435 mm Eurotrack, which will be used for high-speed transportation from the Mostyska station to Lviv, may cost UAH 1.8 billion.

The head of the transport and communications department of the Lviv regional government, Stepan Rudnytskyi, said this, Tvoemisto.tv reports.

“This is a rather expensive infrastructure project. Because currently the total length of the track from the border to Lviv is 80 kilometers, of which 12 km is a combined track (when both narrow and wide run parallel). According to preliminary estimates, the implementation of the project may cost UAH 1.8 billion. It is obvious that there are no such funds in the state or local budgets. Therefore, a significant part of the design and construction works will be financed by the USAID donor,” commented Rudnytskyi.

Despite this, he says, in some cases the local or regional budget can still be involved.

“The region will be involved, first of all, in coordination, so that the processes in the development of project documentation go, because it must be agreed at the level of programs and concepts. In addition, if necessary, there may be a provision of financial resources for the development of project and estimate documentation. This is how we already had it with the “Rava-Ruska state border” project, where both regional and local budgets were involved,” the head of the department emphasized.

He also added that all works can be divided into several projects, which will extend the total duration of works.

“It is difficult to say about the time now, it will depend on whether there are funds for the entire project or only for certain areas. The project is complex and has many details. Therefore, depending on whether it will be provided in one project, or if it will be, for example, four different projects, it can last from a year to two. But at the moment it is not entirely correct to talk about time,” Rudnytskyi noted.

As previously reported, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) will help Ukrzaliznytsia to modernize the section from Mostyska station, which is located on the border with Poland, to Lviv (Sknyliv).

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