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Over the past day, sirens have sounded the air alert twice in the region

There was a threat of attack by cruise missiles from the territory of Belarus.

This was announced by the head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration Maksym Kozytskyi.

“Twice sirens reported an air alert – on February 4 at 09:06 and at 16:50. In both cases, there was a threat of attack by cruise missiles from the territory of Belarus. The danger did not materialize. But I ask everyone not to ignore the alarms!”, the head of the region emphasized.

Also, as the head of the Lviv OVA reported, among the 116 Heroes whom Ukraine returned from Soviet captivity yesterday, there is also a defender from our region.

“The soldier Petro, who defended Ukraine in the ranks of the National Guard, has not been in touch since May 12, 2022. Congratulations to the Hero from Zolochiv region at home. Thank you for your devoted service to the Motherland. We wish you a speedy recovery. We are waiting for the return of all our defenders,” Maksym Kozytskyi said.

In addition, another 97 forced migrants arrived in Lviv Oblast by evacuation trains.

1,335 people traveled to Przemyśl from our region by four trains.

The Ukrainian delegation from Yavoriv Oblast received the first mobile dispensary in Przemyśl. It was transferred to the balance of the medical department of the State Border Service. In general, within the framework of the project, three more such dispensaries will be delivered to the border guards who protect the country at ground zero.

In addition, the Union of Voluntary Firefighters of the Republic of Poland handed over 11 electric generators and 90 sleeping bags for the needs of the Mostyska community.

Forced migrants living in buildings of the “Svitanok” sanatorium in Stryi region will have better living conditions. This was agreed upon during a working meeting with the participation of representatives of the Morshyn City Council, SE “Sanatorium “Morshinkurort”, project coordinator of the International Organization “Corus international”, NGO “Norwegian Refugee Council “NRC”, BO “BF MFOZNS” and NEEKA.

Let me remind you that 230 people live in this sanatorium. In total, the Morshyn community accepted more than 4,500 IDPs.

For the fourth time, Italian benefactors have handed over humanitarian goods for the needs of Chervonograd doctors. This time, the organizations “Bambini nel deserto” and “Colibrì” handed over two ambulances, and for the volunteers of the humanitarian headquarters in Chervonohrad – an SUV.

This friendship with volunteers from the city of Mantova was established thanks to Tetyana Polozhevets from Chervograd and our compatriots Iryna Fiyalkovska and Olga Khomikova, who live in Italy.

Residents of Lviv region can take free online training on the platform of the Association of Innovative and Digital Education – “Practical skills to overcome stress”. Upon completion of the course, each graduate will receive a certificate. Register: https://bit.ly/3wWUUdK

At night, 122 units of special equipment were used to clean roads of state and local importance in the Lviv region.

As of now, the organizations responsible for the operational maintenance of the roads of the region continue to clean the roads to ensure safe traffic conditions.

Considering the weather conditions, I ask drivers to pay as much attention as possible to maintaining a safe distance between vehicles. If you have information about uncleared roads of state and local importance in our region, call the Hotline of Lviv OVA: 112.

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