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With the assistance of the Employment Service, entrepreneurs in Lviv Oblast transform their business: a success story of confectionery production

Through cooperation, the entrepreneur finds the right staff and saves financial resources by participating in various programmes.

The war has had a different impact on business: some companies have suspended operations, others have reduced production, and there are those who have managed to expand their business. One of those who did not give up, but concentrated their efforts and continue to do business, increasing production is a resident of Lviv region

Her company’s products, which include cookies, cakes, pastries, poppyseed cakes, wickerwork, bakery products with sunflower, caraway and coriander seeds, are well known in Zhovkva and the surrounding villages.

In the six years since the business was founded, the production has gone through a difficult transformation: from a small craft shop producing 500 kilograms of bread per day to an automated modern enterprise with a daily capacity of two tonnes of bakery and confectionery products.

“The main thing in business is human capital,” said Sofia Chaklosh, “We care about the health of consumers of our products, which do not contain preservatives, flavours or colourings. At the same time, we also care about a healthy atmosphere in the team, so we focus on high-quality recruitment.”

Specialists from the Zhovkva Employment Service help the businesswoman find the right staff.

“I have repeatedly turned to them for help in filling vacancies and every time I am convinced of their professionalism. Thanks to close cooperation with this institution, we managed not only to form a friendly team of like-minded people, but also to save financial resources by participating in various programmes,” the woman said.

For example, last year, the entrepreneur received compensation of 50% of the minimum wage for hiring a person under the age of 35 for her first job. For two consecutive months last year, she was reimbursed the minimum wage for employing internally displaced persons during the period of martial law.

In addition, in 2023, at the request of the employer, the local employment service organised vocational training for potential employees by providing on-the-job training in such professions as accountant, baker and wiper.

This year, Sofia Chaklosh also took advantage of active employment programmes: the employer submitted an application for compensation of actual expenses in the amount of a single contribution to the obligatory state social insurance for the employment of two unemployed people to newly created jobs.

“The mechanisms introduced by the government during wartime to preserve labour potential are beneficial for business,” said the business owner, “as they allow us to use the savings to develop production and at the same time do a good deed – provide jobs for those who are looking for them.

The Employment Service provides all services to employers free of charge, and searches for personnel on a recruiting basis. A more detailed list of services is available at посиланням. If you need employees or advice on employment issues, please contact підрозділів of the Lviv Regional Employment Service, or call: (032) 233 01 67, +380966825183.

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