Стислий огляд подій

Comfortable apartments, a private clinic, a training complex – these are the conditions in which the four-legged special forces now serve in the Lviv region

Since the start of the full-scale invasion, police have been working with service dogs in the war zone. They rescued people, found explosives, and took part in demining Kyiv region, Kherson region, and Kharkiv region.

Today, 27 law enforcement assistants got their homes. The National Police, with the support of the regional council, built a canine center.

“Here, four-legged dogs are trained in the specialties of searching for people, weapons and explosives, as well as narcotics. The modern canine complex includes: 30 comfortable enclosures, a kennel, 5 enclosures of the quarantine department, an obstacle course, a place for walking, sleeping quarters, a dining room and classrooms. In addition, the site is equipped with one of the best clinics with an ultrasound machine, a cardiograph, and an operating room. From the Howard Buffett Foundation, the canine specialists received a high-speed special vehicle and four service dogs,” said Andriy Nebitov, Deputy Head of the National Police – Chief of the Criminal Police, Police General of the Third Rank.

21 cynologists work in the cynological center. They raise tailed detectives of various breeds: labrador, Belgian shepherd (Malinois), Dutch and German shepherds. In just 10 months, the unit helped solve 821 crimes, including 17 murders. With the participation of service dogs, 188 weapons and explosive devices were seized.

These loyal creatures risk their lives for people. And we must respond to them with our love and care.

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