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246 migrants are provided with jobs in the Lviv region

From the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Kremlin troops on the territory of Ukraine, ie from February 24 to May 15 this year, 2,059 people who came to Lviv region from areas of active hostilities applied to the basic employment centers and branches of the Lviv Regional Employment Center. Of these, 971 were declared unemployed. Among the residents of the central and eastern regions of Ukraine who used the services of the regional employment service, 1,110 people were officially displaced, including 690 unemployed.

246 IDPs were provided with jobs, including 144 IDPs, 61 of whom were unemployed.

The analysis of employment of persons who moved to Lviv region showed that by type of economic activity most of them – 34.9% – joined the labor collectives of processing enterprises, 11.6% joined the trade and services sector, the same number – in the transport sector and warehouses, 9.3% – in the field of administrative and support services.

The main share of employed internally displaced unemployed by occupational groups were skilled workers with tools (27.9%), representatives of the simplest professions and persons without a profession (23.3%), as well as workers in trade and services (14.0%).

Department of Organizational and Information Work and Archival Affairs of the Lviv Regional Employment Center

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