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The families of servicemen will live in the People’s House in Velykyi Hrybovychi

The people’s house in Velykyi Hrybovychi will house the families of servicemen who are defending Ukraine from the Russian occupier. Widows and orphans of soldiers who gave their lives for our country will also live here.

Anna from the town of Apostolove in the Dnipropetrovsk region is one of the first to settle here. The woman has three children. When the full-scale war broke out, she and her husband christened the youngest child and got married. At the farewell, the man said: “If we all hide in the basements, then what will happen to Ukraine.” With these words he went to war.

Currently, the city agglomeration department is compiling lists for settlements. Meanwhile, the project is being planned and adjusted, followed by repairs and long-awaited settlement.

Previously, 80 people could live in the People’s House. “On two floors, 7-8 rooms are planned, which are designed for four beds. The house has 17 rooms of 20 square meters. m, one room of 78 square meters. m, one room of 205 square meters. m – here you can arrange a place to relax, dining room and kitchen. Without significant redevelopment, it is possible to make 8 showers and 10 toilets, two rooms for washing and drying clothes, ”said Yuriy Lukashevsky, director of the LMR city agglomeration department.

There are already 120,000 euros for housing in the People’s House. The funds came from a grant from the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ. “However, this is only part of the necessary funding. Among the needs of the future shelter – solid fuel and gas boilers, building materials, plumbing, furniture, mattresses and beds, filling kitchens, washing systems, small appliances, providing Internet access points, furnishing dining rooms and children’s spaces, children’s playgrounds, ” – noted in the department of the city agglomeration of LMR.

For those who want to join the arrangement of housing for forcibly displaced Ukrainians in Velykyi Hrybovychi – contacts of the department of the city agglomeration of LMR: 0322975576, lvivaglomeration@gmail.com

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