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With the onset of heat, snakes became more active in the Lviv region

With the onset of hot weather, snakes leave their shelters to bask in the sun’s rays, so there is a high probability of getting bitten during a walk in nature. Since the beginning of the current year, 11 cases of hospitalization of people with a diagnosis of snakebite have already been registered in the Lviv region.

There are very few poisonous snakes in Ukraine. These are three types of vipers that can most often be found in mountains, forests, near water.

Usually, snakes run away from people, and bite only for their own protection. Reptiles have poor eyesight and hearing, but with their body they very well pick up the vibrations of the ground at a distance of 10-15 meters. However, in the heat, this feeling is dulled in snakes, they become lazy, inactive, so people can easily step on them.

For your own safety during your stay in nature, it is necessary to use a stick to push away the thickets, rake leaves, examine the gorges so as not to disturb the reptile. Put on reliable shoes, put on wide trousers and tuck them into the boots so that a gap is formed. If the snake bites, it will bite only the fabric of the pants, not the skin.

Symptoms from a snake bite: local skin irritation, pain and the development of necrosis in the affected area, weakness, dizziness, nausea and massive swelling. Possible development of an allergic reaction! The degree of expression of symptoms depends on the amount of poison that has entered the body, but fatal cases are rare.

“In the process of providing first aid, you should remember two things. First, it is necessary to immobilize the affected limb. To do this, you can apply a splint using improvised means, for example, with the help of two branches and a bandage (you can also use a scarf or a T-shirt instead of a bandage). It is important to know: the more we move, the faster the poison spreads through the body. Secondly, something cold should be applied to the wound. By the way, there are special cooling packs for this, which can be purchased at a pharmacy,” said Taras Kushnir, manager of the Stryi EMD Station.

It is strictly forbidden to suck poison by mouth! There is a high probability that a person will simply swallow a dangerous substance that carries a greater threat. 👆Remember

Tourniquets should not be used in order not to cause hypoxia of the affected limbs. Do not cut, cauterize with a hot iron or otherwise act aggressively on the wound. Be sure to call 103 as soon as possible – the dispatchers will not only send a medical team to you, but also provide effective advice on self-help.

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