Стислий огляд подій

Over the past day, the rescuers of the Lviv Oblast made 25 trips to eliminate dry fires

The total area of ​​the fire is more than 1 ha.

In particular, dry fires were recorded in Lviv, Yavoriv, ​​Chervonograd, Stryi, Zolochiv, Drohobytsky districts and in the city of Lviv.

The head office of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Lviv Region reminds of the PROHIBITION OF DRY BURNING.

Burning dry grass is punishable by law in the form of a fine:
• for citizens from UAH 3,060 to UAH 6,120
• for officials from UAH 15,300 to UAH 21,420

Remember that only conscious behavior and strict adherence to fire safety rules will help avoid unpleasant consequences. Take care of yourself and do not endanger others.

Protect Ukraine from fire!

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