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The author’s textbook “Physics. 7th grade”

In addition to the theoretical part, the manual contains instructions on life safety, laboratory work, various applications, self-test tasks and links to videos that children can view by scanning the corresponding link via QR code.

The presentation of the textbook, developed by physicists from Lviv region, took place today, February 7, in the press hall of the regional military administration. The textbook was presented by Oleh Paska, Director of the Department of Education and Science of the Lviv Regional Military Administration, and the development team.

“Today we have a very important and unique event. We have long dreamed that children could study physics with an accessible, interesting, practical textbook. Physics is an elite science. It is studied only by those people who are the true elite of each country. And it is important for us to have many professional physicists in Ukraine.

This fantastic team of physics teachers has done an incredible job. And no one can write a textbook better than teachers. I hope that the textbook “Physics. Grade 7″ will be useful for thousands and thousands of children studying physics,” said Pasko.

The textbook was created on the basis of the model curriculum “Physics 7-9 grades”. A team of authors worked on the program and the textbook:

☑️ Zoryana Maksymovych – physics teacher at Lyceum №38 of Lviv City Council, senior lecturer at KPMO of the Kyiv Regional Institute of Education and Training;

☑️ Maria Bilyk – Honored Teacher of Ukraine;

☑️ Liana Varenytsia – physics teacher at the secondary school №41 in Lviv. Lviv;

☑️ Halyna Koval – physics teacher of the “Prestige” LH, consultant of the Center for Educational and Research Support of Lviv. Lviv;

☑️ Olha Mykyteiek – physics teacher at the Taras Shevchenko Secondary School №44 in Lviv;

☑️ Maria Ordynovych is a physics teacher at Andriyivske secondary school of the Krasnyi village council, Zolochiv district;

☑️ Vasyl Shevtsiv is a physics teacher at Yasenivka secondary school of the same name. Zolochiv district.

The textbook was presented by one of the authors, Zoryana Maksymovych:

“We decided to go through this difficult path and create a textbook because working in schools for many years, we often hear children say: “it’s difficult”, “I don’t understand”, “I don’t know”, and, accordingly, “it’s not interesting”. Therefore, the question arose of how to make physics interesting and accessible,” the teacher noted.

The textbook “Physics. Grade 7” consists of 5 chapters (38 paragraphs):

☑️ Physics and astronomy – the sciences of nature

☑️ Mechanical motion and its characteristics

☑️ Forces in nature

☑️ Pressure of solids, liquids and gases

☑️ Mechanical work and power. Energy.

In addition to the theoretical part, the manual contains instructions on life safety, 8 laboratory works, various applications, tasks for self-checking and links to videos that children can view by reading the corresponding link via QR code. The material is presented in clear language and well illustrated.

To motivate the child to work actively during the lesson, the authors added a “Think and Answer” section after each block of material studied. There is also a section for self-testing and self-analysis called “Check Yourself”. At the same time, the textbook contains a dictionary of physical terms in English to introduce students to the English-speaking environment.

For gadget lovers, there is an opportunity to learn physics from their favorite device. To do this, the textbook has a significant number of QR codes with links to educational videos, which allows you to combine the game with knowledge. Students of Lviv schools were involved in the creation of the video, offering their vision of the material.

“Physics teaches you to be observant, clever, and inventive. It encourages you to solve mysteries and find solutions to real-life situations. If you plan to dedicate yourself to physics, you will always be an educated person and will find the answer to the questions “Why?”, “What for?” and “How?”,” Zoryana Maksymovych emphasized.

Starting February 9, 2024, the electronic version of the original layout of the textbook “Physics. 7th grade” will be freely available in the Electronic Library of the State Scientific Institution “Institute for the Modernization of Education Content” on demand: lib.imzo.gov.ua.

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