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Brno became a sister city of Lviv

The Czech city of Brno has become a twin city of Lviv. The cooperation agreement was signed today by Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi and Brno Mayor Marketa Vankova.

“I would like to thank the Mayor of Marketa Vankova for her prompt response and cooperation.

Since the beginning of the invasion, the Czech Republic has been actively pro-Ukrainian. The country has hosted more than 400,000 Ukrainians, and they were among the first to provide us with military assistance. This support is felt here at all levels. Thank you for your cooperation,” said the mayor of Lviv.

Today, Lviv has such twin cities:

  • Banja Luka;
  • Brno;
  • Budapest;
  • Vilnius;
  • Winnipeg;
  • Wroclaw;
  • Würzburg;
  • Graz;
  • Rzeszów;
  • Cannes;
  • Katowice;
  • Krakow;
  • Kutaisi;
  • Lodz;
  • Lublin;
  • Mechelen;
  • Novi Sad;
  • Aarhus;
  • Przemyśl;
  • Plovdiv;
  • Pula-Pola;
  • Reykjavik;
  • Rishon LeZion;
  • Rochdale;
  • Samarkand;
  • Tbilisi;
  • Freiburg;
  • Frankfurt;
  • Chengdu.

“As of this moment, Lviv has 29 twin cities. You need to understand that partnerships between cities are like relationships with people: you work actively with some, not so much with others. Lviv has resumed cooperation with some cities after a several-year pause. This happened, for example, with Winnipeg. And then there are the collaborations where the agreement defines a specific term of “twinning” – for example, with Graz, Austria, where cooperation is envisaged for three years.

There are no restrictions or recommendations in Ukrainian legislation on how Ukrainian cities can choose their partners. Therefore, we identify partners at the city level and establish partnerships with those with whom we have contacts and common interests in a particular area. At the same time, we have stopped communicating with those cities that have an ambiguous position on the war since the start of the full-scale invasion. We do not work with the cities of the aggressor country and those who support the aggression,” explains Tetiana Hibibra, Head of External Relations and Promotion at the Mayor’s Administration Department of the Lviv City Council, Tatiana Khabibrakhmanova.


Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic after the capital, Prague. It is the administrative centre of the South Moravian Region and the seat of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court, the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office and the Ombudsman. Brno is also an important educational centre in the Czech Republic, with 13 universities.

The population is about 400 thousand people.

Brno is currently one of the main economic centres of the Czech Republic. The most important industry is heavy engineering. The chemical and printing industries, machine tools, turbines, agricultural machinery and electrical products are well developed. The textile, food and cement industries, woodworking and furniture production are also developed.

Brno is a venue for international industrial fairs: tourism, financial and other fairs.

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