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By 2030, Lviv intends to reduce CO2 emissions by 35%

Lviv continues cooperation with the European initiative “Agreement of Mayors – East”. The relevant decision “On joining the European initiative “Agreement of Mayors – East” was adopted by the executive committee of the LMR. Therefore, by 2030, Lviv undertakes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 35%.

“This is a very important initiative of European cities. Since 2008, we have joined the agreement of mayors. Previously, we undertook to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020. We fulfilled our obligations – we reduced emissions by 20.3%. We are now committed to reducing emissions by 35% by 2030 through measures to increase energy efficiency, use renewable energy sources, and mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change.

We support this initiative and strive to continue cooperation with leading European cities,” reported Iryna Kulinych, director of the economic development department of the LMR.

The executive committee also supported the decision “On approval of the Action Plan for sustainable energy development and climate of the Lviv City Territorial Community until 2030.”

“The Action Plan for Sustainable Energy Development and Climate of the Lviv Territorial Community is a strategic document aimed at increasing energy efficiency in budget institutions and institutions of the city, residential buildings, public and municipal transport, street lighting, in the tertiary sector (small and medium-sized businesses, service sector) , at municipal utilities of the city and in the field of solid household waste management.

This Plan outlines all the important actions we need to take by 2030. This is a “living” document, and we will change it as needed. It is modern and adapted to all requirements,” explained Iryna Kulinych.

As a reminder, the “Covenant of Mayors – East” (CoM East) is a project financed by the European Union, aimed at uniting local, regional and national authorities of the Eastern Partnership countries in their desire to develop regional policy based on the principles of sustainable energy, strengthening energy security and support of the global movement in the fight against climate change.

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