Влада працює

How water quality is monitored on a daily basis at Drohobychvodokanal

Every day, laboratory technicians take samples from two points of water entry into the city, the Urizh and Hirne water intakes. Before that, to ensure sterility, they flambé the water tap by burning it with a cotton-gauze swab soaked in alcohol.

After that, experts examine water samples in the laboratory. In particular, analyses are carried out daily for organoleptic and sanitary-chemical indicators: colour, turbidity, odour, taste, hydrogen pH, ammonium and residual chlorine. As for microbiological indicators, the laboratory technicians conduct daily tests for total microbial counts, total coliforms, enterococci, and E. Coli. These tests confirm the absence of contamination and dangerous bacteria in the water.

The certified laboratory of Drohobychvodokanal operates in the 7/365 mode to guarantee the quality of water to consumers.


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