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Support packages for newborns were taken to the Drohobytsky maternity hospital

They continue to support mothers and newborns. In November, 56 babies were born in the city’s maternity hospital, including 30 girls and 26 boys. Out of this number of newborns, three babies are from the number of IDPs.

Drohobych mayor Taras Kuchma and head of the family and youth department Oleksandra Pashko traditionally try to congratulate all mothers with a happy event in their lives every week. Necessary items, sweets and toys for babies are taken to the maternity hospital.

During such visits, the head of the community simultaneously monitors the state of affairs in the medical facility and the level of medical services provided to women in labor.

According to our good tradition, we visit the maternity hospital every week to congratulate mothers on the most important event in their lives: the birth of babies. Also, in addition to the packages that we create, we have the opportunity to learn more about the needs and wishes of mothers and their visions for the development of the maternity facility. Therefore, we analyze the collected information and discuss it with the medical staff in order to improve the quality of the services provided. We are happy that, despite the war, many children are born in Drohobych every month – all of them are our pride and a worthy continuation of our nation, Taras Kuchma emphasized.

The packages given to women in labor contain the most necessary things for babies – children’s clothes and first embroidered clothes, diapers, towels, toys, etc.

Women who are not found in the city’s maternity hospital are given appropriate vouchers for receiving aid packages in office 210 of the city hall (family and youth department).

In addition, in Drohobych they decided to form aid packages for mothers in childbirth from the first days of the full-scale invasion of the occupiers in order to support young families. The packages are given to both local women and IDP women.


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