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Drohobych City Council session renames five more streets in hromada villages

The session of the Drohobych City Council unequivocally supported the renaming of five more streets in the villages of the Drohobych community. These are the place names “Peace” and “Victory”.

The relevant decision was made yesterday, 22 February, during a regular meeting of the session, based on the recommendations of the commission on de-Russification and renaming of streets, lanes, parks and squares within the Drohobych city territorial community. The draft decision was presented to the session by Roman Hrytsai, chairman of the relevant deputy commission.

As a result, the session decided to rename the following streets

– Myr Street in the village of Bolekhivtsi – to Heroes of Ukraine Street,

– Myr Street in the village of Dobrivlyany – to Heroes of Ukraine Street,

– Myr Street in the village of Derezhychi to Defenders of Ukraine Street,

– Peremohy Street in the village of Stare Selo to Sheptytskoho Andriy Street,

– Peremohy Street in the village of Selets to Halytskoho Striltsytstva Street.

We remind you that all decisions are made in compliance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On the Condemnation of Communist and National Socialist (Nazi) Totalitarian Regimes in Ukraine and the Prohibition of Propaganda of Their Symbols”. The names are being developed by a commission, involving the opinions of local historians and historians and through discussions with residents.

The next step is to rename five more Myru and Peremohy streets in the villages of the Hromada. The commission has developed proposals for new street names, and the starostas will discuss them with residents once again.

According to the explanations provided by the LWV, the place names “Mir” and “Peremoha” were used for Soviet propaganda. Such street names are markers of a hostile ideology that, in order to justify an expansive policy of subjugation, speculated on such concepts as: “friendship”, “friendship of peoples”, “reunification”, “peace”, and presented subjugation as a common “victory” in the “great national war”.


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