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In Lviv, they are starting to repair the most difficult section of the road along Shevchenko Street

Today, another, penultimate, section of the street was closed for repairs. Shevchenko – a block away from the street. Yunakiv to st. Bortnyanskyi

As the director of “Lvivavtodor” LKP Mykola Vlasyuk said, the same works will be performed here as in the previous sections – dismantling of the old road surface, dismantling and replacement of engineering networks, installation of new road clothing and, in general, the entire street infrastructure and improvement.

Next, the last section of the street will be closed for major repairs. Shevchenko – from St. Bortnyanskyi to st. Yaroslav the Wise. In general, finish all works on the street. Shevchenko and plan to open it for traffic by the end of the year.

But Mykola Vlasyuk emphasizes that the repairmen started the most difficult part of the street. Shevchenko in terms of replacing the collector. “Shade from st. Yunakiv to st. Yaroslav the Wise has a big bias. This section is the most difficult in terms of replacing the collector. There are 16 interceptor cameras here. But, we hope that by the end of the year we will complete all the work and Shevchenko Street will be passable,” said Mykola Vlasyuk.

We would like to remind you that from June 1, 2021, the III stage of the reconstruction of the street began. Shevchenka – the area from St. Ya. Mudrogo to St. Railway The cost of the works is UAH 186.6 million.

The reconstruction project of Shevchenko Street provides for the complete dismantling of the road surface, tram tracks and sidewalks, and the cutting of green spaces that fall within the scope of the works. Reconstruction of all engineering networks according to the provided technical conditions. Arrangement of the carriageway and the new tram tracks combined with it in the middle of the street, arrangement along the carriageway on both sides of bicycle lanes, arrangement of pockets for ambulances, emergency services and temporary parking of cars of residents of buildings. Arrangement of sidewalks and pedestrian areas with provision of comfortable conditions for movement and recreation of groups of the population with reduced mobility. Arrangement of contact network of the tram, street lighting, improvement of the street space.

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