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In Lviv, three Soviet monuments were dismantled from the Hill of Glory: the sculptures will complement the exposition of the “Territory of Terror” museum. Video

Today, three Soviet sculptures – “Motherland”, “Warrior with a flag”, “Oath” were dismantled from the Hill of Glory in Lviv. The monuments will complement the exposition of the Museum of Totalitarian Regimes “Territory of Terror”.

“We are cleaning our space from symbols of the Soviet period. And the Hill of Glory is no exception. In addition to burials, there were also three Soviet monuments. Today, they were dismantled and will “move” to the “Territory of Terror” museum – there they will “glorify” the terror of those times,” said the head of affairs of the executive committee, acting Natalia Alekseeva, Head of the Historical Environment Protection Department.

She added that the city also plans to exhume and move burials from the Hill of Fame. They want to do this after they complete the exhumation at the Lychakiv Military Cemetery. “It cannot be done quickly, because the procedure involves the approval stage at the level of the region and the Ministry of Culture. For example, the approval stage for exhumation at the Lychakiv military cemetery took more than half a year. We will start this procedure on the Hill of Glory. I think that we will be able to get all the permits in the next three to four months. Next is to predict expenses and start work in the spring-summer period,” noted Nataliya Alekseeva.

We will remind you that the day before, on November 8, a monument to cosmonautics was dismantled in Lviv.

Earlier, the Soviet-era monument was dismantled in the village of Sitikhiv, Lviv community. Soviet monuments were also dismantled in Vynnyky and Bryukhovychy.

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