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Construction of a large-scale children’s playground is underway in Stebnik

On Andrii Melnyka Street in Stebnik, construction of a new children’s playground is underway. The multifunctional space for children will include separate play areas for preschool and school-aged children, sports and a quiet area. The area of the new site will be more than 1,200 square meters.

Among the components of the site will be children’s swings, game elements, slides, houses, hammocks, simulators, a rock climbing slide and educational games for children.

The project is implemented by the NGO “Let’s Help Together”, which has attracted funds from the CORE Response international fund for its implementation. The cost of the project is UAH 2,248,000.

The Drogobytsk community, in turn, joined in supporting the project by improving the territory and paving paths with cobblestones. This weekend, the leadership of the community, together with deputies, active residents of Stebnyk and representatives of the international fund CORE, planted cherry blossoms on the territory of the youth playground.

It is planned to complete the arrangement of the playground by the end of the week, so in the near future children will have a new, modern and safe space for games and communication.

According to the plan of the organizers, the new playground should become a place for the development of preschool and school-age children, as well as a space for communication and unification of people – in particular, local residents and new residents of the community from among IDPs.

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