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The facility in Yavoriv region is preparing conditions for the accommodation of almost 100 people – patients with mental disorders

The building of the former hospital is 70% ready for receiving patients.

Almost 100 people – people with mental disorders – are planned to be placed in the premises of the former psychiatric hospital in the village of Zaklad of the Trostyanets territorial community.

According to Ivan Sobko, the profile deputy head of the Lviv OVA, the Ministry of Social Policy turned to the administrations of the regions, on the territory of which there are no active hostilities, with a request to find an opportunity to place in their social protection institutions evacuees from the respective institutions of the frontline regions. In total, almost 4,000 people need resettlement.

“Since we are talking about the resettlement of a vulnerable category of the population, which requires the constant presence of doctors and working personnel, the management of the administration made a decision to accommodate the evacuees in institutions that are best adapted to provide appropriate medical and social services. This is the building at the Institution.

The premises are now owned by the Trostyanets community. By the end of July, it will be leased to Lviv OVA. The created facility will become a branch of the Hrushkiv psychoneurological boarding school. The first patients will be settled here already at the beginning of August,” Ivan Sobko said.

11 million hryvnias are provided for the maintenance of the institution until the end of the year in the regional budget. These funds will be used to pay staff salaries, housing and communal services, food and other patient needs. In general, it is planned to settle about 100 patients – both evacuees from other regions and residents of Lviv Oblast.

“We thank the local authorities for their assistance and cooperation, for attracting sponsorship and charity funds, thanks to which the premises are ready for operation, as well as the department of social protection of the population, which promptly responds to all challenges related to martial law,” added Ivan Sobko.

We will remind you that previously the Lviv Regional Psychiatric Hospital “Zaklad” was reorganized and, in accordance with the decision of the Lviv Regional Council, joined the Lviv Regional Psychiatric Hospital.

Since the beginning of the Russian military invasion, Lviv Oblast has accepted 225 patients from the Bakhmut psychoneurological boarding school, 221 of whom managed to be sent for treatment abroad. In addition, there are currently 106 patients from the Sloviansk psycho-neurological boarding school in social welfare institutions of Lviv Oblast.

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