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More than 300 combat drones were handed over to military personnel at the front as part of the Viy project

The project started in May 2023. Since then, 1,150 drones have been delivered to the front.

On November 1, within the framework of the “Eyelash” project and the “1000 drones for Ukraine” initiative, the Kozytsky charitable foundation handed over 309 combat FPV drones for the needs of military brigades.

Modern equipment for destroying the enemy was received by the 103rd and 125th brigades of the Terrorist Defense Forces, the Lutyu National Police Brigade, and the 77th Airborne Assault Brigade. The largest number, namely 150 combat “birds”, was received by the 110th separate brigade, which is currently fighting in the Avdiiv direction.

“I am proud that Lviv Oblast has become the focus of such important projects in support of our military formations. Today we are handing over 300 more warbirds. Such equipment is the eyes of fighters on the front line, as they can track the movement of enemy personnel and also effectively hit manpower with precise strikes. The project definitely does not end there, on the contrary, it is gaining momentum. Thank you to our defenders for the strong defense!” – said the head of Lviv OVA Maksym Kozytskyi.

Ukrainian-made drones and individual components were purchased abroad. According to the technical characteristics, one such kamikaze drone can fly at a distance of 15 kilometers, with an additional charge of a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher (RPG) – more than 6 kilometers.

“Almost 800 drones within the Vii project are already helping our military at the front. They send a video showing how, thanks to drones, enemy BMPs, tanks, boats, dugouts, automobile equipment, radio electronic intelligence stations are being destroyed. We see that this project is really effective,” Stepan Kozytskyi, a representative of the Kozytskyi Charitable Foundation, emphasized.

An FPV drone is a versatile thing, as it can be relatively easily converted to perform various tasks: dropping ammunition on enemy targets or being used as a kamikaze drone. Unlike “mavics”, FPV drones equipped with special transmitters are able to fly in conditions where the signal is jammed by enemy radio electronic signal (ERB).

The 103rd Brigade of the Ground Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of the Lviv region, which has been fighting on the front lines for a long time, actively uses these latest technologies.

“Each drone delivered to the front is equal to the saved life of our military. This is an extremely important transfer for our brigade, because the brigade headquarters now has a company of attack drones. In addition to technical support, motivated people are needed at the front. Therefore, I urge you to join the ranks of our brigade and personally try the new equipment on the battlefield,” emphasized Valery Kurko, commander of the 103rd brigade of the TrO Forces.

We will remind you that the Viy project started in May this year. As of today, 1,150 combat drones have already been handed over to the military needs of the Kozytskyi Air Force. They invested 1 million dollars in this project.

Mykhailo Uhman, a volunteer who fought in Mariintka and Pisky in Donetsk region, told about concrete examples of the effective operation of the transferred equipment on the battlefield.

“We started cooperation with Lviv OVA a long time ago. The first drone from the Kozytsky Foundation, which was handed over to us in May, helped to find enemy infantry positions and destroy their personnel. Then the Russians advanced on Maryinka. At the same time, we received many cars from the Lviv region. One such transport helped to remove the bodies of our fallen defenders who were ambushed near Avdiivka,” Mykhailo shared.


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