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Roads are being repaired using the jetting method in Drohobych

On 19 June, Drohobych roads were being repaired on Lesia Ukrainka Street. The road surface was restored in problem areas using the jetting method.

According to the Municipal Company “SMU”, at the beginning of this week, the current repair work on asphalting the city’s roads was completed on Velykyi, P. Orlyka and A. Sheptytskoho streets. The day before, certain sections of these streets were milled.

These days, they are going to repair L. Ukrainka, P. Sahaidachny and other streets using the jet method.

Utility workers have also started applying new markings to the city’s streets, including Danylo Halytskoho, Sheptytskoho and others. The day before, road repairers updated the markings on the central streets of Drohobych.

In addition, the city continues to mow the lawns of streets, parks and squares on a daily basis. These days, the lawns on Zamkova Hora Square were mowed. Landscaping and grass mowing works also continued on Truskavetska, Osmomysl, Hrushevskoho, L. Ukrainka and many other streets.

SMU calls on condominium owners, entrepreneurs and business representatives to contribute to the improvement of Drohobych and take care of the cleanliness and mowing of their lawns.

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