Влада працює

Zolochivskyi and Yavorivskyi districts were the first in Lviv region to be completely cleared of monuments of the communist regime

The last objects here were dismantled this week. I thank the local residents for their active citizenship. You are an example not only for people from other regions of our region, but also from other regions of Ukraine!

This was reported by LOVA

We plan to fully complete the decommunization of Lviv Oblast by the end of this year. It remains to get rid of about 30 markers glorifying the occupiers.

I am asking the Lopatynsk and Sokalsk communities of the Chervonograd district to become more actively involved, in which 17 more objects need to be dismantled.

If you have information about the monuments of the totalitarian regime, from which, for unknown reasons, our region has not yet been cleansed, call the Hotline of the Lviv Region: 112.

The photo shows the process of overthrowing the monuments of the totalitarian regime in Zolochiv Oblast and Yavoriv Oblast.

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