In Lviv, doctors successfully treated a woman at a late stage of cancer

Cancer surgeons of the First Medical Association of Lviv treated a 52-year-old patient diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Her disease was already at stage III and had spread to the lymph nodes. To cure the patient, oncologists resorted to combined therapy.

First, in particular, a course of chemoradiation therapy was carried out, and then – surgical intervention. Specialists from the department of oncology and oncosurgery laparoscopically removed the affected part of the rectum and connected its two parts to avoid a lifelong stoma. And all this was done through small incisions. So, on the fifth day after the operation, the patient was discharged home.

“The main symptoms of colorectal cancer are frequent constipation or diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, blood during defecation, sudden weight loss, anemia. In order to prevent the development of oncology, people after the age of 45 should undergo a colonoscopy at least once every five years, if relatives have had cancer, more often,” doctors of the First Medical Association of Lviv warn.

The examination is free under the direction of a family doctor. Oncologists and oncosurgeons of the First Medical Association treat patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, chest cavity, retroperitoneal space, organs of the female reproductive system, and the mammary gland.

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