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Athletes from Lviv region are vice-champions of Ukraine among children’s and youth sports schools

A total of 599 boys and girls from 23 regions competed at the Ukrainian Championship.

The Ukrainian Indoor Track and Field Championships among Children’s and Youth Sports Schools and Sports Complexes took place from 9 to 11 February at the track and field arena of the Summer Sports Training Centre of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. 599 boys and girls born in 2009-2010 competed, representing 23 regions. The Lviv region team was represented by 76 athletes.

The top three were athletes from Kyiv, Lviv and Chernihiv regions.

1st place: Kyiv – 604 points.
2nd place: Lviv region – 548 points.
3rd place: Chernihiv region – 532 points.

Awards for athletes from Lviv region:

1st place:

Khrystyna Ivaskevych – long jump (Drohobych Children’s and Youth Sports School)

2nd place:

Anastasia Gudyma – 200 metres (Kutenko Children and Youth Sports School)
Tetyana Markiv – high jump (Children’s and Youth Sports School No. 1, Chervonohrad)
Anna Stepanova – triple jump (Children and Youth Sports School No. 1, Chervonohrad)
Olesya Buina, Anastasia Gudyma, Rokslana Datsyuk, Olga Kostelna

3rd place:

Gavryliuk Maksym – pentathlon (Children’s and Youth Sports School of Busk)
Yaroslav Ziver – high jump (O. Demianiuk Children and Youth Sports School)

“The result we see on the scoreboard today proves that the priority we set for ourselves as No. 1 – infrastructure development – was right. Because it is unrealistic to expect changes even at the level of children’s and youth sports without the development of training facilities. In Lviv, Sambir, Busk, Yavoriv, Mostyska, Stryi – wherever there is the capacity to develop athletics, we have gradually and methodically created modern magnet facilities that are already training young champions, and of course, infrastructure is the basis of mass sports. I believe that after the victory, we will definitely return to this principle,” said Roman Khimyak, Head of the Youth and Sports Department of the Lviv Regional Military Administration.

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