Russia is still capable of carrying evil: we must add more strength to our state every day – address of the President of Ukraine

The head of state informed about the consequences of two missile strikes by the Russian enemy: on the Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia regions, the results of international communication and a number of meetings.

I wish you good health, dear Ukrainian men and women!

It was a difficult day.

At night – a Russian rocket attack on Selydovo in the Donetsk region. Just in residential buildings. Four rockets. There are dead. There are probably people under the rubble. Debris clearance continues all day. All the wounded were given the necessary assistance. More than 20 houses were destroyed.

Another Russian attack was on the Zaporizhzhia region, also a missile attack. Rescuers were among the dead. They arrived at the scene after the first hit and began to help. And there was another blow. My condolences to all whose relatives and loved ones were taken away by Russian terror.

There was a lot of international communication today. And, of course, first of all, about how to provide more protection to Ukraine and all our people from these non-humans, from Russian missiles, shelling.

He spoke with the head of the Italian government, Giorgia Maloni. He thanked Italy for the principled and powerful assistance to our state and the protection of Ukrainian lives. Ukraine appreciates very much that Italy is next to us at this time. We also appreciate the personal energy of Giorgi, the head of the government, all the activity with which she argues for assistance to our state. We discussed our security cooperation, support packages. They exchanged views on the situation in Europe and the world. They also discussed something about the new sanctions package of the European Union. Italy will chair the “Group of Seven” next year, and we are already working on the corresponding priorities. Common priorities.

He spoke with the President of Slovakia Zuzana Čaputova. He thanked for the support and fair high assessment of Ukraine’s progress in approaching the European Union – in our movement towards full membership. It is very important that our whole Europe is strengthened, and every country on the continent that respects the EU’s common rules will benefit from this. We discussed the preparation of our energy industry for winter and, as we expect, for the aggravation of Russian terror against energy facilities. Of course, they also discussed economic issues that are important for our peoples.

He held talks today with Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. Defense support. Strengthening our air defense, our mobile fire teams and defense against Russian drones. There are specific agreements. He thanked Canada for its unchanging leadership in sanctions against Russia. There is a new and important Canadian initiative – a coalition of partners for the return of Ukrainian children who were deported to Russia. They also discussed the issue of completing the Holodomor-genocide museum. Canada agreed to help with this in Ukraine. I am grateful to Justin personally and to the entire Canadian society for such an understanding of Ukraine.

I also held several meetings today. I will note the meeting with representatives of the law enforcement sector, in particular the head of the Security Service of Ukraine. Reports on countering collaborators and protecting Ukrainians from those who deliberately incite enmity within our country.

Also a meeting with the Minister of Defense and other government officials. All the key issues boil down to ensuring the protection of people, the ability of Ukraine to conduct offensive operations and our ability to strengthen Ukraine – to overcome the problems that have accumulated.

We should remember everyone in Ukraine, and especially those who stopped noticing the war, because they give all their attention to politics: Russia is still capable of carrying evil. Nobody can close their eyes. We have to fight. We have to protect our defense as the main priority. And we have to add more strength to our state every day.

Glory to all who care about Ukraine and Ukrainians!

Glory to Ukraine!

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