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Lviv hands over 50 more drones to the military

Lviv City Hall has purchased another 50 Mavic 3T drones at the expense of the community as part of the Lion’s Revenge initiative. Today, they were handed over to the defenders of Ukraine who are protecting our country from the Russian aggressor.

UAH 9.5 million was allocated from the city budget to purchase this batch of drones. In total, in January-March 2024, Lviv supported the army for almost UAH 195 million.

As a reminder, Lviv constantly allocates funds for defense and support of the military defending Ukraine from Russian occupants. According to the city’s program of support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, at the request of military brigades and units, the city buys what is urgently needed at the front line or provides subventions for it. These are drones, cars, radios, and various specialized technical items. In fact, the city hall receives several requests for such assistance every day.

In total, the budget of the Lviv City Council for 2024 provides UAH 1 billion for the purchase of equipment and supplies for the Armed Forces of Ukraine alone.

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