З життя господарника

Farmers in Lviv Oblast received 50 tons of fish feed under the UN funding program

They will be distributed to farmers from 14 regions engaged in aquaculture.

The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in coordination with the General Commission for Fisheries in the Mediterranean, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the State Agency for Land Reclamation and Fisheries of Ukraine and with the financial support of the European Union ensured the distribution of fish feed to support Ukrainian salmon producers .

The distribution of 50 tons of fish feed from FAO took place within the framework of the Program to support producers of salmon fish species, farmers submitted applications for participation through the State Agrarian Register. In total, FAO received 31 applications from aquaculture farmers from 14 regions of Ukraine, 13 enterprises were chosen to provide assistance in the form of fish feed.

“Since the state and local budget funds go to priority expenses, in particular the defense of the state and the support of the military, assistance to agrarians from FAO is critically important for ensuring food security and restoring the economic stability of enterprises. We are grateful to the management and representatives of the FAO for the charitable and humanitarian assistance that has been intensively provided to agricultural farms since the first days of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation,” Oksana Mulyk, deputy director of the Department of Agricultural Development, emphasized in her speech.

Goluba Niva FG is one of the winners of the FAO Program to Support Salmon Fish Producers, which received feed. The farm operates on the territory of Stryi district.

“This is not the first FAO program in which I have participated. Thanks to the Program “Comprehensive, Competitive and Economically Rational Creation of Added Value Chains in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry”, I purchased equipment and built a 54 kW solar power plant, thereby reducing the cost of electricity for my farm. Today I received 3.8 tons of feed for salmon fish, which will make it possible to grow 3 tons of trout and increase production to 30 tons of trout in general, I also plan to produce 6 tons of sturgeon and 50 thousand pieces of sturgeon fry for the sale of products in the region,” said Mykhailo Hrabovych, head of Goluba Niva FG.


According to the annual report of 1A-aquaculture, in 2023, aquaculture producers raised a total of 1,190.6 tons of fish (113.1% year-on-year), sold commercial fish – 727.9 tons, including 590 tons of carp.

In the structure of freshwater aquaculture, the main types of fish are carp (carp/carp), the share of which is 80% of all fish production, herbivores (fathead minnow, grass carp) – 15%, sturgeon, salmon, catfish – 0.5%, other types of fish ( crucian carp, perch) – 4.5%.

5 subjects are engaged in raising salmon species of fish (rainbow trout). In 2023, 85.6 tons of trout were grown (7% of all fish production), including 61.4 tons – in pools and 24.2 tons – in ponds. 35.3 tons of commercial trout were sold.

To overcome crisis phenomena in the field of fish farming in the region and ensure its reproduction and development in 2024, within the framework of the Comprehensive Program for the Support and Development of Agriculture in the Lviv Region for 2021-2025, financial support was provided in the form of partial reimbursement of the cost of highly productive fish material to improve the genetics of broodstock herds, reproduction and stocking of reservoirs for aquaculture subjects, the founder (or one of the founders) of which is a participant in hostilities.

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