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In Lviv, they told how to prepare houses for winter. Video

The city urges residents, in particular condominiums and management companies, to prepare more carefully for winter, given that our country lives in a time of war and the scenarios of passing the heating season may be different. About why it is important to take care of alternative sources of heat in a timely manner, as well as how to prepare for the cold season, the deputy mayor for housing and communal services told

“Now people have to prepare. If you properly prepare for winter now, in particular, install stoves, stock up on firewood, insulate windows and doors in your apartments, as well as properly prepare entrances for the heating season or buy the necessary things for yourself to be warm – then we will survive better with you that difficult difficult winter. Because there has never been such a difficult winter in Ukraine, because now we live in the period of martial law.

As for our city, it is ready. Firewood is purchased from us, in addition, we have fuel reserves. But every head of a condominium, a management company, a manager of a building or a self-governing building must purchase boilers and install them in the basements. This is now the number 1 issue in order to be able to warm up when necessary.

Now there are different visions: is that burgundy necessary? do we need to install it?. Of course we should, because it’s relatively calm now that we’re getting ready for winter, we can get the stilt/metal stove set up properly, including bricking it. Then there will be a stove that will give heat to the shelter, and people will be able to warm themselves and also prepare food for themselves if necessary. But if the residents do not do this, and winter begins and, God forbid, there will be shelling – there will be a problem. Yes, there will be heating points, but the residents will not have their own small place to warm up in the building,” Iryna Marunyak emphasized during the briefing.

As a reminder, the balance-keepers of buildings, which are management companies, condominiums, condominiums, and others, must install metal stoves in basements/shelters by October 1. How to do it in one day – you can read in the material.

More tips on how to prepare for the cold season are in the booklet below.

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