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13 teams will work on the idea of restoring the Shukhevych Museum

Registration for the architectural competition to restore the museum of Roman Shukhevych, the UPA commander general, has ended today.

A total of 13 teams of architects have registered to participate in the competition. Participants can submit projects until June 3.

According to Anton Kolomeitsev, the chief architect of Lviv, the teams have received all the necessary information and are already starting to work on projects to restore the museum.

“It is expected that the new museum will be accessible to wheelchair users, will be comfortable and will allow us to present the exposition in the most effective way. At the same time, the space immediately adjacent to the museum will be rethought, including a small pond,” said Anton Kolomeitsev.

Participants must submit their projects by 17:00 on June 3. Subsequently, the jury will review all the proposed projects and select three winners.

The total prize fund of the competition will amount to UAH 500 thousand. The winner will receive UAH 250 thousand, the 2nd place winner will receive UAH 150 thousand, and the 3rd place winner will receive UAH 100 thousand. The competition and prize payments to the winners will be financed from extra-budgetary funds.

As a reminder, on February 27, Lviv announced an all-Ukrainian open architectural competition for a project proposal to restore the Museum of the UPA General-Corporal Roman Shukhevych, which was destroyed by Russian shelling on the night of January 1.

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