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Historical and cultural reserve “Ancient Plisnesk” invites you to visit

Here you can visit a unique authentic Slavic dwelling of the 10th century, feel the spirit of your ancestors, get to know their way of life, learn about the ancient local history of the region — the Historical and Cultural Reserve “Ancient Plisnesk” has started a new tourist season and invites you to visit.

Why is “Ancient Plisnesk” worth your attention?

Because its history dates back to ancient times: it is known about the existence of settlements of the Tryplian and Vysok cultures on this territory. And later, in the 5th-6th centuries, the Sklavins. From the middle of the 7th century, the ancient Slavs founded a pagan sanctuary here. Archaeological findings indicate that local tribes practiced rituals with human sacrifices. And in the 10th century, Plisnesk stretched over several hundred hectares and was 45 times larger than Kyiv at that time!

Professional tour guides will definitely tell you more about these and other points of interest. And they will offer to visit an authentic Slavic dwelling of the 10th century, which was recreated here by archaeologists last year.

The day and time of the excursion must be agreed in advance.

You can find out comprehensive information by phone: 0965958743 (Oksana).

The reserve is located 90 kilometers from Lviv. On the way, you can also visit other tourist pearls of the region, including:

🔹 Oleskyi and Pidhoretskyi castles, which are part of the popular tourist route “Golden Horseshoe of Lviv Region”;
🔹 St. Joseph’s Church (1763), the prototype of which is the Basilica of Supergi, a baroque tomb built in Turin (Italy). This temple, by the way, was recently restored as part of the “Great Restoration” project;
🔹 Pidgoretsk Monastery of the Vasiliyan Fathers, in which there is a miraculous icon of the Mother of God Hodigitria (the first mentions of it date back to 1692). The monastery is included in the excursion program “Ancient Plisnesk”.
Photo: Historical and cultural reserve “Ancient Plisnesk”.

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