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The memorial to Yevhen Konovalts will have his image

During the announcement of the results of the architectural competition, the jury recommended the winners to supplement the memorial with an image of Yevhen Konovalts. This was announced by the chief architect of Lviv, Anton Kolomeytsev. The winning team is already finalizing the project.

Members of the initiative group regarding the installation of a monument to Yevhen Konovalts also take this position.

In his post on social networks, Anton Kolomeytsev explained the idea of the memory space of Konovalts and told the details of the project that was chosen as the winner of the competition.

“Does the monument to Konovalts, built according to the project of the winners, necessarily not contain the literal image of Yevhen Konovalts? No it is not! I believe that it is important to have, in addition to the monument-metaphor, a visual element that will convey the actual physical image of Konovalts. When designing the monument, the team of architects also had several versions of the same sculpture, but with a delicate image of Konovalts. When submitting the project, we settled on the most abstract version. Next, the stage of project development will begin, and on it, involving professional circles and representatives of the initiative group, architects will work out various options for conveying the visual image of Konovalts. Together we will choose the most correct and balanced option,” said Anton Kolomeytsev.

The jury of the architectural competition gave recommendations for the memorial to the winners.

In the resolution part of the protocol, the jury gave five main recommendations for further development of the project.

Complete the composition with the image of Konovalts.
Make more hints about the weapons inside the armory so that the metaphor is seen as quickly as possible.
Improve accessibility.
Maximize greening of the “cut-in” pocket – creeping plants, grass through paving. It is necessary to preserve the green oasis.
To use the fonts of Robert Lisovsky – a contemporary of Ye. Konovalts, the author of the visual identity of the OUN.

The chief architect of the city cited examples of similar modern art spaces in other European cities.

“This sculpture is similar in form to a number of modern monuments in the cities of Western Europe. We can mention the Holocaust monument in Bologna and the monument to soldiers of the First World War in Banská Bystrica in Slovakia. These two examples are also built on the principle of a corridor between two iron matrices with shells. The similar language of modern sculpture conveys different meanings in each individual case,” explained Anton Kolomeytsev.

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