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Theater Lesi u Lviv ask for a performance, for having performed at the most prestigious theater festival in the world (video)

The Lviv Theater named after Lesia of Ukraine is getting ready for the new theatrical season, which will turn on the cob of sickle. One of the leading new productions of the creative team – vista Imperium delenda est / “Empire can fall”, as the actors presented at the most prestigious theater festival of the world – Festival d’Avignon.

Vistava Imperium delenda est is the first stage work for the Lesi Theater during the hour of a large-scale invasion. Lvіv’yani can bach її already 13th and 14th serp.

“It’s not a concert, it’s not a pure performance. Tse the test of our vyslovlyuvannya and the test of the search for quiet shlyakhiv, how can we talk about war. We must bring our reality to this stage”, – Dmitro Zakhozhenko, head director of the theatre, blatantly.

In the new season, the theater is planning to show two new performances and collaborations with militants. More about the repertoire of the Lesi Theater – for the help.

Let’s guess, in the middle of the lime tree, the Lviv Theater named after Lesya Ukrainy performed at the international festival Festival d’Avignon. The actors represented Ukraine at the first time. There the theater played its most recent premiere Imperium delenda est / “Empire can fall”. Not only is it a symbolic podia for the Lesi Theatre, but it is also an important precedent for the Ukrainian theatre. Tsiogorich, the program of the Ukrainian pavilion was first formed – as a sign of support for the Ukrainian voice on the European stage.

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