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The 163rd anniversary of Taras Shevchenko’s reburial was celebrated in Drohobych

Вшанували пам’ять Пророка – 22 травня відзначають 163-ю річницю перепоховання Тараса Шевченка

Today, on 22 May, the immortal poems of the Great Kobzar were recited at the monument to Taras Shevchenko on the occasion of the 163rd anniversary of his reburial on Chernecha Hora.

On this occasion, a traditional veche was held in Drohobych with the participation of clergy, community leaders, disciples, representatives of educational organisations and residents.

The veche began with the song “My thoughts, my thoughts…” performed by Boyan Drohobych, followed by a joint memorial prayer accompanied by the clergy of Drohobych.

After a joint prayer, the mayor of the city, Taras Kuchma, delivered a speech.

Today is not just a day to commemorate the reburial of the Great Prophet. This is the day when people discovered the spirit of Ukrainianness. At that time, everything was in decline, the Ukrainian language was banned, schools were closed, the Moscow boot was trampling on Ukrainian land and destroying the Ukrainian nation. So on the day of the reburial, it was as if this spirit of Ukrainianness returned. The spirit that shows that we are Ukrainians. And we don’t care – we don’t care what language we speak, what kind of bread we eat, or what land we harvest. We do care how many people die today so that in the future this question does not even arise. Because we are a great Ukrainian nation. And with our struggle we must show that there is another life, without indifference, but with a desire for freedom and liberty,” Taras Kuchma addressed the audience.

At the end of the commemorative event, a joint laying of flowers and lamps was held at the monument to Taras Shevchenko, the Genius and Prophet whose works remain relevant over the centuries and motivate Ukrainians not to obey the enemy but to fight for a free, strong and successful Ukraine.


On 10 March 1861, Taras Shevchenko died and was buried at the Smolensk Cemetery. After that, Shevchenko’s ashes were kept in St Petersburg for fifty-eight days. Then, the Ukrainian genius was transported to Ukraine and reburied in his homeland, according to his will: “When I die, bury me… in my dear Ukraine…”.


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